The Most Popular Gifts for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to start making up those shopping lists. The sooner you know who you need to buy for and what you want to buy, the better prepared you will be for watching sales and avoiding having an item sell out.

There are many great gifts available this year and with the economy being a bit rough there are also some good prices. Below I have highlighted just a few products I expect to be hot sellers this year, both for adult and children. For even more popular Christmas gifts you can visit my site.

The Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire has taken the tablet market by storm and it hasn’t even started shipping yet. Amazon’s 7 inch tablet is a bit if a hybrid between an Android tablet and an eReader, much like Barnes & Noble’s Nook color. For people who have considered buying an iPad or an Android tablet but couldn’t swallow the price tag, the Kindle Fire is a welcome addition.

Unlike other Android tablets priced at $300 or more, Amazon’s tablet is only $199. It has been available for pre-order since October and has already sold thousands of units. By the time it actually ships in November it is unclear at how many will be left. I have no doubt that the Kindle Fire will be one of the most popular gift items this Christmas.

Angry Birds Toys and Clothing
The very popular app game known as Angry Birds has moved into the general merchandising market. Since adults, teens and kids of all ages love playing this game I expect much of this new merchandise will show up under many Christmas trees.

For children there is a board game available which has a similar set up to the app game. There are also plush versions of the various characters on sale. For adults and teens there are t-shirts and iPhone cases featuring Angry Birds. If you have a Angry Bird lover on your list, check out some of this stuff.

The Kindle eReader
With the release of the Kindle Fire, which is very much a color eReader (and more), came some reshuffling in the Kindle line in general. In an addition to some extra choices in eBook readers, there were also some nice price reductions. That makes the best eReader affordable for a lot more people as well as a reasonable gift option.

The Kindle Touch is a new model of Kindle which disposes of the included keyboard and instead uses a touchscreen for navigation. The Touch is still based on e-ink technology (unlike the Fire) so it is still a traditional eReader. There is also now a very basic Kindle available for just $79. At that price the Kindle would make a nice gift for an older child or teenager even.

Lego Packs
I have to give the Lego company credit. What started as simple building block toys primarily for toddlers and preschoolers has now expanded to a toy line for young children up to teens. The basic tub of Legos is still a bestselling toddler toy while the newer kits with more complicated designs are also very popular with kids aged 8 and up.

In addition to the Lego kits, other merchandise is available with a Lego theme and great gifts for boys. In particular, check out the Lego watches and alarm clocks that are for sale. These are a great alternative to just buying toys.

LeapPad Learning Tablet
Another hot selling toy for 2013 is sure to be the newest educational toy from Leapfrog. This little gadget looks like a toy tablet and functions like one. It operates with an app system, much like an adult tablet.

The downside of this toy is that it only comes with a few apps, the rest will need to be purchased separately. But these apps will include games, reading modules and other activities to keep toddlers and preschoolers busy while also learning. Since this kid’s tablet was just released in September of this year (and is selling well already) , I expect this to be another hot item this Christmas.

If you need more ideas, check out my expanded list of the hottest Christmas gifts. There I have highlighted the items that I expect to be the most popular gifts for this coming holiday season.

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